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My name is Tom Underwood.  I am the Chaplain of the Fairfield County Jail.  I am also the Pastor of Cornerstone New Testament Church in Lancaster, OH.  Ministry at the Fairfield County Jail has been in continuous operation for over 20 years.  There is a complete and lively schedule of programs and events that help each inmate who is interested to gain deeper insight and information on how to rebuild their lives.  Today, jail ministry includes Bible studies, distribution of literature, Chaplain/inmate one-on-one visits, and sharing of social services information so that their release can be smooth and a fresh start.  Over 10 community organizations throughout Fairfield County work hard each week to make sure that the spiritual and social needs of inmates are addressed.

Our county is pressed by many of the social issues facing large urban areas.  Drug and alcohol abuse are still the primary reasons that many prisoners are incarcerated.  This is a huge challenge for our county.  We believe these issues cannot just be cured by incarceration and social programs.  There is a spiritual side to life that is void if not filled with Christ.  Often, folks try to fill that void by only addressing the physical and emotional side of life.

The primary goal of the Fairfield County Jail Ministry is to share the life giving Gospel of Jesus Christ as declared in the Bible, the Word of God.  We have seen fruit from our work and we are encouraged.  Please take time to go through these pages and learn about the many activities that are going on to help those who are incarcerated.

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