History and Purpose

The Jail Chaplain position was established in 2003 in an effort to organize and coordinate the many ministry volunteers that come to the jail to visit prisoners, to provide spiritual guidance, encouragement and personal counseling. This program is partially funded through the generous support of local churches and individuals. Pastor Jerry Eaton of The Church of the Risen Lord was the first Jail Chaplain.  Pastor Eaton is also a retired Fairfield County Deputy Sheriff (1991).  Pastor Tom Underwood of Cornerstone New Testament Church was appointed as Jail Chaplain in July 2013. In general, the Jail Ministry Chaplain organizes volunteers, holds Bible studies with inmates, does one-on-one spiritual counseling with inmates and ensures all volunteers are following all Sheriff’s Office security requirements.

 Our Mission

  • Share the gospel of Jesus Christ through group Bible Studies
  • Visit one-on-one with inmates,  providing spiritual guidance and support, encouraging them to grow in Christ
  • Distribute Bibles and Christian literature
  • Help the inmate to prepare for re-entry to the community by sharing social services informationยท


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