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Pastoral visitation is non-contact only (behind a glass).  All visits are conducted at the Jail located at 345 Lincoln Avenue in Lancaster.  Visits are not time restricted, however, no visitation is allowed during meal service which is 10:30am-Noon and 5pm-6:00pm.  These visits will not be deducted from the inmate’s normal 20 minute weekly visitation time.  

Requirements | All visits MUST be scheduled; otherwise you could be turned away.
1.      Contact the Jail Supervisor PRIOR to traveling to the Jail to ensure that there are no issues that would prevent a visit – 740-652-7243.
2.      If the visit is approved by the attending supervisor, PLEASE BE PROMPT!  Arrival at the agreed upon time for the visit will help to ensure that the visit will occur.
3.      Upon arrival at the Jail, go to the receptionist window and let her know you who you are and why you are there.
4.      Have proper pastoral credentials and ID on hand to present to the receptionist; i.e. Ordination Card, Pastoral Calling card, etc.
Please be aware that situations can arise at any time that may cause a delay in the scheduled time for the visit OR prevent you from seeing the inmate altogether. 
The primary duty of the Jail is to secure inmates and ensure the safety of every person in the building.
Questions or comments concerning these guidelines may be directed to Pastor Tom Underwood, Jail Chaplain